Verraco Vettón

Sacred zoomorphic

Busca el Verraco

We can see this zoomorph at the exit of the town, on the road to Herguijuela.

These figures are characteristic because in the Vetton world they defined a Hierogamy, a common union of the animal with the Sacred in the space in which they were found, resonating in a mystical way as a protective power in its precise location and that would extend its divine aura to the nearby territory; in that way, all the territory that was reached by that influence would be protected.
This is clearly the case with these figures of the Vettones boars, zoomorphic, almost exclusive of this pre-Roman people that inhabited the southwest peninsular from well into the 1st Millennium B.C., even coexisting with the Roman invaders. These stone figures are scattered according to a precise spatial distribution, as protectors of the territory.
And although the ultimate purpose remains a mystery, the importance of the representation of this animal as a symbol of protection and demarcation seems to leave no room for doubt.
The hind quarters of this specimen, of quite polished and careful carving, show a reuse of the figure as a material of choice in the construction of the wall, and the current location may not correspond to the place of manufacture of the same.