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a magical place

The mystery of the sacred

Welcome to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the town where you can immerse yourself in the unfathomable experience of the Mystery of the Sacred.

Here you will find rock altars (Peñas Sacras) thousands of years old, scattered throughout our Sierra.

Observe the profusion of crosses scattered throughout the village and ancient hermitages that await us on the outskirts.

On the axis of Extremadura

To feel among the innermost spirit of an entire land is something very special. Being at the center of a feeling is a unique experience.

the territory

The Sierra de Santa Cruz is the historical axis on which the whole of Extremadura and the great Lusitania rotates. A territory touched by the spirits of the times, who left their best garment among the stones of the batholith that rises exultantly towards the sky.

World Heritage

The benign environment and the obligatory passage of these mountains in the peninsular routes has favored human presence since ancient times. The sierra is engraved in stone with the presence of important cultures that traverse history without leaps and bounds.

The remains found so far are so important that the entire Sierra has been declared a National Archaeological Monument since 1931.

The charm of the rural

The population fills centuries street by street; although there are loose remains much earlier, you can walk from the twelfth to the seventeenth century, with houses that tell the ways of life of each time from different points of view.

From stately to more humble houses, all with a beautiful stamp, full of charming corners.

Cave altars

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