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It is located on the old road to Abertura, and in the vicinity of the Hermitage of San Juan, to whose sacred complex it belonged. Since the 19th century, the construction of the Cemetery included it within its enclosure. It is the only stone cross that has a representation of the Crucified.

Its base is the result of the reuse of a Roman press counterweight and on its shaft we can see engravings with the initials of the builder.

The binomial that would form the Hermitage of San Juan (at the head of the Cemetery) and the Cross is not the result of chance, but of the wise application of ancestral knowledge perfectly measured in relation to the telluric forces of the terrestrial subsoil, veiled to the majority of the population and that is repeated in many Sacred Landscapes of our peoples: a way of ordering that Sacred Space based on the placement of both elements in very precise places of the terrain. Ancient wisdom, mystery and enigmas accompany these Sacred Stone Trees.