On the slope of Puerto de Santa Cruz, on the last elevation that stands as a balcony to the south, we find the prehistoric sanctuary of Tercer Risco.


On this summit of the southern slope of the Sacred Mountain, there is a prehistoric Sanctuary surrounded by horserock stones as a symbolic protection, which treasures inside a set of elements, each one more interesting than the last.

What is most striking is that this Sanctuary fits between two clearly defined doors, one entrance and one exit. Both the entrance door and another one inside the sacred precinct can be considered Initiatory Doors, of high value and spiritual significance, with elements inside such as a large occulted stone idol, which protects those who enter the Sanctuary, as well as podomorphs (footprints in the rock) that mark the way to access the upper platform, where we expect bowls and, most striking, stony masses in the shape of human heads (anthropomorphs), one of which presents the whole body if we look at it from the south side of the set.

We also found in a more advanced place of the sanctuary a seat-throne (place for the spiritual chief of the clan), and a descending corridor that ends in a trilith as an exit door, and that indicates that it was the place where the participant of the ceremony exited once the ceremony was concluded.

A cave at a lower level and a few meters from this Sanctuary completes this rich, mysterious and magical Sacred Landscape.