Vera Cruz Church

Place of Worship
C/ Calvo Sotelo 5
Exteriores, Todos los días
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It is a building of large proportions, with a rectangular floor plan, built with masonry and granite masonry.

The semicircular doorway through which the interior is usually accessed is located on the south side, sheltered by an elegant 17th century portico, with seven semicircular arches on simply molded pillars supported by a smooth masonry plinth located at mid-height.2

There is another at the foot of the temple, which allows a second access to the interior. In this case, it is a beautiful portal from the end of the 15th century -which makes it one of the oldest elements of the building-, of Gothic style, framed on the inside by two fine attached columns, while the exterior is configured by a series of pointed archivolts resting on small columns topped by capitals decorated with simple vegetal elements. The complex is crowned by a small stone cross with a belfry next to it.