Altars, Tombs and Megaliths


An esplanade to enjoy archeotourism, as settlements of very different civilizations are superimposed. This archaeological site houses an ancient Bronze Age settlement in its highest part, with an extension in the Iron Age throughout the esplanade, where altars of offerings and sacrifices, as well as building and environmental use redoubts will delight the visitor. Obviously, what we can admire is what has transcended in stone, having lost everything that was once made with perishable materials.
There is also an Arab necropolis, a cemetery of Muslim souls that belonged to the northern settlement of the three that existed in the Sierra. These tombs, removed and plundered, but visible, are scattered throughout what was once the space in this fortified enclave that housed the inhabitants that the Romans found when they arrived in this Sierra. Thus, medieval tombs are superimposed on protohistoric remains. The whole complex is worth visiting, although, of course, clearly delimiting the periods for a better understanding of the archaeological reality that opens before our eyes.