Monumental Route

There is a lot to see in Santa Cruz. A good way is to follow this route that takes you through seven buildings that represent the best of local history and culture.

From the Plaza we will direct our steps towards the Convent passing through the neighborhood of Santa Rita, then touch two nearby buildings: the Palace of the Monrroy and the Casa del Conde, to continue on a journey of history and knowledge.


datos técnicos

Ruta Monumental
1,2 Kms.
30 minutos

We will also leave the village a little to see the ruins of the Antigua Posada and the Camposanto, which should be entered to the bottom, where there are important remains of the hermitage of San Juan, as well as a stone cross with the figure of the Crucified.

We return looking for the Town Hall, next to it is the Palace, very close to the Church, which can also be visited. And now we are back in the Plaza where we started the walk.

On our way we see:

  • Plaza Mayor
  • Augustinian Convent
  • Belvis-Monroy House
  • Count’s Palace
  • Antigua Posada
  • Hermitage of San Juan-Cemetery
  • Chaves Palace
  • Vera Cruz Church