Along the Cañada Real to Trujillo

The highway of ancient times, the great livestock communication route in the west. This route takes us to the city of Trujillo, where the many attractions will envelop us in history, culture and nature.


datos técnicos

Por la Cañada a Trujillo
17 Kilómetros
3,5 horas

This route leaves the Guadiana river basin to enter the Tajo river basin, from the slate to the granite berrocal, from the village to the City.

This cattle route has witnessed for centuries the movement of cattle between the north and the south, in addition to settling since the Middle Ages on an ancient Roman road that linked the roads from Merida to Zaragoza with those that ran to Toledo.

Nowadays, although this function as a cattle highway has practically fallen into disuse, it stands out for being the route of one of the Mozarabic Roads to Santiago, the one that passes through Trujillo.

As we can see, this itinerary is still alive despite the passing of the centuries.

Distance:17 Kms
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Elevation gain: 112 meters.